Health House Opening for MIRC

MIRC at UZ Leuven

The medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC) at UZ Leuven is an interdisciplinary research center with access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment and patient data. We enabled them to tell a patients’ story with the use of Virtual Reality, by presenting the different scans the patient went through, in an engaging and interactive way. The experience is open for public at the Health House in Leuven.

“Imagine holding a brain, and being able to peer though every layer”
“Personal medical data is highly protected”
“VR to create an etherial, sensorial athmosphere”

Project highlights

Volumetric rendering

We visualized data fom MRI and EEG Scans using volumetric rendering. Instead of surface meshes, a point cloud is being rendered. Imagine holding a brain and being able to peer right trough it, seeing every layer.

Imagine holding a brain, and being able to peer though every layer

Protected data

You’ve probably already guessed it… but this type of data is under very strong protection, and can’t just be used publicly. This is a bit more revealing than even the most shameful selfie you’ve ever posted. The data used in the imagery on our website is opensource standard medical data. To get to see the actual data, visit the Health House!

Personal medical data is highly protected


We’ve used melodic soothing music and rythms to bring the user in an etherial athmosphere. A voice guides the user through the different “stages” of the experience at his/her own pace. The user is invited to interact with the brain and data in a very wholesome setting.

VR to create an etherial, sensorial athmosphere


The people at the MIRC do remarkable work. They’re the Sherlocks and Watsons of pathology and medical analysis, cracking the toughest cases in the country and outside. We’re proud that we were able to help them tell their story in an immersive and engaging way trough that of the patient.

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