VR sun protection experience


Harol is a Belgian company, specialized in sun protection… They make sun screens, shutters and lots of other high-quality solutions. As such, Harol has different stakeholders to cater to.. each with their own needs and expectations. End-users or private individuals on one side and experts, architects, installers and salespeople on the other side.

"Using VR to introduce a new concept before it’s built"
"VR to configure a product in context, before buying it"
"Experience your product in VR before prototyping it."

Project highlights

Harols’ product introductions

Harol organises “dealer days” where they invite Harol dealers and installers to come and experience the new products they’ll be selling. We made a VR experience for Harol workers and other stakeholders to experience the new Harol Versuz system that was still in development at that time. Dealers were sparked to ask the questions they knew they would get from their clients and looked for answers. Installers immediately recognized the systems they already knew, and had technical questions for new concepts. The introduction sparked a lot of enthousiasm while offering a concrete future vision.

Using VR to introduce a new concept before it’s built


Another scene in the VR experience was geared towards end-users. They got to see the product in a garden, against the façade of a house. They could operate it, change the time of day, and the lighting. All while choosing different paints, finishes and textiles until they were satisfied with their products’ configuration.

VR to configure a product in context, before buying it

The Batibouw fair

What’s great about our work for Harol is the concept of “the virtual twin”. We have the technical 3D model as a virtual asset in our digital environments. Starting from this we can build different solutions (sales-tool, configuration tool, education tool, ...) for different stakeholders (salespeople, installers, endusers, managers, ...) on different media and platforms (website, app, tvspot, game, render, fair experience, training experience, ...)

Experience your product in VR before prototyping it.


The design language and some specific technical requirements/features brought forward a lot of signature elements that define the overall look and feel. These elements where documented in great detail, tested in virtual reality and implemented in the industrialisation stage.

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